The fight for Jericho

Post-apocalyptic TV show Jericho was canceled on short notice recently, leaving its faithful fans scrambling to try to save it. “Scramble” might be the wrong word, because in fact it’s a delightfully well-coordinated effort, complete with daily missions and 14,684 pounds of nuts.

My own attachment to the show is 2-fold: the opening shot is of an earth art work by Lawrence artist Stan Herd, and Jericho is supposedly modeled a little bit on Lawrence. Sure we don’t have mountains here, but they came to town to shoot exterior shots and the upper half of town (North Lawrence) officially renamed itself Jericho for a day when Skeet Ulrich and gang came to visit before the show’s launch. At this point we might note that this is not the first post-apocalyptic scenario set more or less in Lawrence. Way back when, The Day After was filmed here, complete with hundreds of KU student extras lying around pretending to be dead.

Which is to say, I guess, that people like me who haven’t actually seen it are probably behind its cancellation. Sorry. I hope they get their show back.

Update: Those of you popping in directly to this post may be interested to see my follow-up post about Jericho fan-bashing here.

Comments (5) to “The fight for Jericho”

  1. Thank you for this article. We are a well organized effort & we will not settle for less than Season 2.

  2. Thanks for the story – I’ve been watching Jericho since it’s 1st episode – it really is a terrificly entertaining show – the hour just whips by and the characters suck you in – Jericho’s been off the air now for 2 weeks and I gotta say, Wed at 8pm is nothing but BORING now – I 2nd the motion – Nothing less than Season 2 !!!!

  3. Boy do I understand, my life is back to no TV again. My Wed’s are as you said very boring I use to look forward to Jericho, I use to schedule my life around Jericho. BLAH, I WANT JERICHO BACK, I NEED JERICHO BACK. I too will also keep fighting for the show.


  4. Thank you for the coverage. Only a second season will do. NUTS to CBS!!!

  5. Jericho returns in reruns July 6 at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.
    Season 2 begins this Fall.
    Please watch & pass the word.