Readers, Tips, and Gratitude

Hi there everyone,

Well, this blog is about to hit its three month anniversary. I always thought 3 months was about the right length to know if a relationship has promise or not, and I have to say, this one is looking pretty good. Online Fandom has brought me in touch with many interesting people and ideas I wouldn’t otherwise have met and has generally just been lots of fun. Thing is, it’s all kind of mysterious — who are the people behind those unique hits? what are they here for? what do they get? what do they want more of? less of?

The first principle we teach in Communication is that the best communication is audience-centered. That’s a trick when you don’t really know who’s there. So if you’re paying attention to this site, I would love to hear from you. Tell me who you are, tell me what you’d like me to write more about, tell me what brings you here, share your ideas about phenomena worth covering. Just say hi. You can email me at nancy at onlinefandom dot com, or leave a comment on this post.

Thanks for reading, it’s great to know you’re there, even if I don’t know who you are.


Comments (4) to “Readers, Tips, and Gratitude”

  1. I read this blog on and off, mostly for the scholarship on media and sf/f fandom. I have a Master’s in anthropology and have done a fair amount of reading in the field, from the early work of Constance Penley Camille Bacon-Smith to Henry Jenkins and younger scholars like Will Brooker. I like seeing different perspectives on fandom, of which I am a part, though not very actively these days.

  2. I read your blog regularly. I have it in Sage, a Firefox plugin RSS aggregator, so I don’t have to come here to check for new stuff. I mostly read it for the music fans aspect as I’m trying to increase my fanbase.

  3. I’m a doctoral candidate in Communication, studying popular media, play, and fan groups.

    I’m interested in how you write about fandom as a fairly common process, not just limited to the hardcore folks making filk music and writing fan-fic. I suppose I’m more familiar with the research about how people find fandom central to identity, but that’s not necessarily the case for Trader Joe’s fans, for example. (And I suppose I hadn’t thought of that before.) I wonder how much these different degrees of involvement have in common, or whether they serve similar purposes for self-avowed fans of different types…

  4. hi Nancy,

    Thought I’d leave a message here. I was in the same session with you at AoIR2006 (I was wearing the Residents t-shirt that you recognised).

    I’ve been enjoying reading your posts. It may not be my research area, but I am a serious fan of music… Besides reading interesting blogs gives me a way to avoid working on my thesis ;)

    All the best,

    – adam m