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At by:Larm a number of people asked me to share the powerpoints of my talk. In it I argue that the internet has transformed fandom because it expands fans’ reach, transcends distance, supports archiving, provides group infrastructure, enables new forms of communication and lessens social distance. As a result, bands, fans and labels need to work out less hierarchical relationships in which fans are seen as equals who, when treated with trust and respect, will delight in spreading one’s gospel to more of the many corners of the internet than any one person can visit. I make the case through lots of examples drawn primarily from Scandinavian music fans, bands and labels.


One friend warned me to “never give away your powerpoints” but I’ve decided if I’m going to preach the ethos of free, I’d best be enacting it as well. I had a look-see at some of the slide sharing applications and none seems to be able to show the notes section as well as the slides and since that’s where most of the content in my talk was hiding, I opted for saving the Powerpoint notes page as a PDF file instead. You will have to imagine the sparkling live delivery filled with explanatory ad libs and examples missing in this version.

I hope you find it useful and all feedback is always appreciated.

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  1. Thanks for that, it made a very interesting read (as always). I must admit the development of the “fan” since the mid 90s has been astounding. Before the Internet I was little more than a consumer of music – I went to gigs, I bought the records. I joined a fanclub or two but they never really seemed more than a marketing tool and fostered little in the way of community. The Internet enabled me to take my natural desires to evangelise and to archive and has given them a home and a use. The discovery that there were others (lots of others!) with similar interests and a desire to “commune” around those interests…sometimes the thought just makes me gasp out loud.

    The first time Luna played London (1991) I went on my own, the last time they played (2005) I met friends from France, USA, Australia, Ireland…and had a beer with the band afterwards…

    God I love the Internet, I hope the big boys don’t fuck it up.

  2. Great presentation, Nancy – it brings a lot of the threads around contemporary online music communities together very clearly. It’s also reassuring to see you came to the same conclusions about “sharing powerpoints without sharing powerpoints” as I did. Long live the PDF!

    As an aside, if you ever come over to the Mac side of the Force, Keynote is what I use to share slides, with notes, and over here this is a very trivial thing to do. ;-)

  3. I am a Mac user but so far have found Keynote incredibly nonintuitive and haven’t wanted to take the time to learn it.

  4. thanks for sharing this! funny to see that screenshot of my playlist of a day when I was listening to nothing but Willie Nelson.

  5. I told them they could see that you had been listening to “that great Scandinavian artist, Willie Nelson” which, after a processing pause, got a pretty good laugh.

    Feel free to mention on IAT if you think readers might be interested.

  6. It seems that an internet fansite has brought me to this blog! Your powerpoint pdf address was posted on a fansite, as something to read about the relationship of fans,fansites and the celebrity. I found it a very fascinating presentation, and I find it amusing that I got to read it because of a fansite post. This just goes to show you, your point about the far-reaching abilities of the internet fan is very true! BTW, the post was on a fansite forum at, in the area called Lola’s. I do think, though, that you must register to get into that particular thread. And being a part of that fansite and fanbase, I can truly appreciate all that your post said.