Lala’s Social CD Swapping is a semi-socialnetworking website that hooks up people looking to discard the cds they don’t want in exchange for the cds other people don’t want. The charge? $1, plus 75 cents shipping. And they provide the envelopes. From the PSU Daily Collegian:

The site’s logistics are simple — to find music, users browse other member’s profiles or search by album title, genre or artist among a broad range of albums from newly released titles to old school classics.

It’s even got a non-profit musician support component:

The music-sharing organization helps to support working musicians through their charity, The Z Foundation, Kuch said. The Web site has a definition of a working musician as “any individual who has performed live or on a recorded release in the last year and whose music-related income accounts for more than half of their total income.”

Bill Nguyen, co-founder of, said he is glad to see musicians finally getting compensated for their work.

“For the first time, musicians will receive economic support directly from their fans,” he said.

Twenty percent of each traded CD goes to The Z Foundation, Kuch said.

“Giving back even 20 percent can help them buy more studio time or new equipment, so they can make more music,” Sung said. The money collected by the Z Foundation provides musicians with medical and dental care, he said.

As always “for the first time” is pretty far from accurate, but it’s a great idea nonetheless: a nice legal alternative to illegal downloading, and gets the object into the hand for those who still like to read liner notes and see the pictures.

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  1. I am a lala user and I very happy that I found the site. With the birth of mp3 players actually having the physical CDs are no longer necessary. I am able to upload my CDs to my computer and then post them to trade on lala. Of course, I always keep the original CD of my favorites…just in case of a computer crash. (God Forbid!)

    Lala is like the largest, used record shop in the world. I suppose that the only downside is that you have no control over the next CD that you get. I’ve found myself getting impatient and going out and buying the CD at my local music shop and taking it off my want list. Lala is cheaper than downloading legal music and more fun. You have a feeling of being connected to the other lala members. I don’t download music illegally so this is the least expensive way to get the music that I want. And when you are done with the CDs you can just trade them again!