Engaging Fans Through Social Media

Last week I gave a talk at by:Larm, Norway’s premiere music industry conference and festival. I was invited by GramArt, a nonprofit that works to help musicians, to talk about musicians and social media. If you click here you can download a PDF of the slides and notes from my talk.

In it I identify several of the concerns and issues I’ve been hearing as I interview musicians about audience interaction, argue that it can be easier to handle many of these issues if you understand fan culture, and offer some specific bits of advice that I hope can help musicians and those who work with them navigate these new and still-challenging waters.

The presentation is cc licensed, please pass it around and share it if you like.

Thanks to the many people whose cc licensed flickr shots I used, to GramArt for inviting me, to the many musicians who generously spent time talking with me, to everyone who’s helped me connect with musicians to interview (I’m still at it – let me know if you’ve got good contacts!), to the many people who came to hear me at by:Larm and whose questions helped me better understand musicians’ concerns, and to Microsoft Research New England for the intellectual home and financial support they provided as I launched this project.

Comments (3) to “Engaging Fans Through Social Media”

  1. Dear Nancy,
    Nice posts!
    I am studying MA in Digital Media at Sussex (UK) and was recommended to read Personal Connections by my convenor, Kate O’Riordan.
    I really enjoyed the reading last December and used different insights in my papers for last term.
    I do like the way in which you break the wall between virtual and real and question the assumption of “less authenticity” on the web.
    Hence, I have to confess that, after reading your book, I was persuaded to meet friends online.
    The funny thing is that I had a good “virtual” friend in 1998, after the Internet boom, but overall I just get in touch with people I know in “real” life when I am on cyberspace.
    Well, thanks for the pleasant reading!
    All the best!

  2. Great stuff, thanks, Nancy. Articulates the important parts really well. This should be a teaching resource for anyone involved with social media.

  3. There’s not a “like” button big enough. Nice!!!