CD Baby Podcast Interview

CD Baby have posted a half hour DIY Musician Podcast interview with me. It was a good interview and is available for streaming or download. Here’s their blurb:

Artists and musicians spend a lot of time communicating with their fan community, whether it be social networks, email, or just the music itself. With some much thought and energy going into fan communication, it funny how little time is actually spend considering the fan’s perspective. In this episodes, we hear from Nancy Baym, an Associate Professor in Communication Studies at the University of Kansas. She is an award-winning teacher on topics including the use of new communication technologies in creating identities, relationships and communities, interpersonal communication, and qualitative research methods. She has spent years studying online fandom to understand what communities like music fans a re really looking for. It might not be exactly what you think.

Sorry I’ve been back to being a slow blogger. Don’t expect any upticks soon as I’m desperately trying to finish a book draft before leaving for summer travels and I’ll be spending the summer bouncing from Europe where I’ll be doing some talks and a PhD course in Denmark to Australia where I’ll be mentoring at the Oxford Internet Institute’s Summer Doctoral Program in Brisbane followed by driving up the eastern coast in a campervan with my two excellent sons. Blogging’s not likely to be on my mind much.

Comments (2) to “CD Baby Podcast Interview”

  1. Great podcast interview with great advice!

  2. What a great interview on CDBABY. I’ve only heard a few so far on CDbaby and they are very good but your interview really showed some very important content about fans and their value. Being a musician and sheltering yourself by them can keep you disconnected.
    I think your point of view is something many artists have observed but may not know how to involve themselves with their fans.
    I am on a quest to find out more about your insightful understanding of the way it looks from the other side of perhaps non musicians. Being a musician is a given that you are a fan of music and musicians but for obvious reasons.

    I’m fascinated.