About that Camping Trip

Well, the night weather did not cooperate too well with last weekend’s camping trip, but I thought you regular readers might enjoy some pictures from the glorious days.

We woke up after a tremendous all-night downpour that seeped into the inside of our tent to find a super-dramatic smoke on the water scenario, with the entire lake covered with rising fog:

Smoke on the water

Smoke on the Water

Later in the day, I discovered some areas with very psychedelic rocks and my son and I had fun making rock faces:

Rock Face 1

Rock Face 2

If anyone knows what kind of rocks these are please tell me. They were found in a very thin layer of the sandstone (limestone?) cliffs.In some areas they were flat and swirly. In other areas they were little balls like marbles and flat like the eyes in the first face up there. In other areas they were little bowls. Very very cool stuff. I brought a lot of it home.

And here’s a shot of Kansas looking just the way Kansas ought to look:


Have a super weekend.

Comments (3) to “About that Camping Trip”

  1. Those fog photos make it look primeval! If you look closely . . . dinosaurs! The last shot is gorgeous enough for Days of Heaven, which I just watched today.

    Thanks for posting those–

  2. P.S. The rock faces are great too, but they don’t look primeval.

  3. Thanks Jennie! No dinosaurs, but plenty of fossils! The area used to be the bottom of a great primeval salt lake — which they apparently didn’t know when they made the lake, figuring it’d be good for irrigation. No irrigation, too salty, but they do stock it with sea bass, so I guess it’s a good fishing hole ;-)