Who knew Dylan was so much fun?

When they make lists of iconic music videos, if they do that (how could they not?), it would be remiss not to include Bob Dylan’s classic Subterranean Homesick Blues – you know, the one where he holds us the words on the signs and tosses them into the street?

To promote his upcoming greatest hits record, they’ve put up this site where you, yes you, can put your own words on the signs and send it as a little movie to your friends (they tack a plug for the cd at the end). Irresistable!


I could play with this thing for hours! And I don’t really like Dylan (can I admit that on the internet? guess I just did — I did see him this summer! He was good, though he didn’t say one word to the audience. I went with my mom, stepdad, and kids and thought the fact that this was a three-generational family rock concert was the best part.)

Update: Also available as a Facebook Application. Smart marketing gets even smarter.

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  1. I love this thing! I’ve been playing with it for most of the weekend.