This semester’s courses

Today is my first teaching day for the Fall semester. I’m teaching two courses, an undergraduate course called Communication and the Internet, the syllabus for which conveniently mirrors the outline of the book, Personal Connections in a Digital Age, that I am writing (to be published by Polity Press).

The other is a graduate seminar in Qualitative Research Methods in Communication. Since I’ve had many people comment that they appreciate that my syllabi are available online, I thought I’d let you know that updated versions of both syllabi can now be found here:

Communication on the Internet

Qualitative Research Methods

The former has links to several online readings.

Comments (2) to “This semester’s courses”

  1. I’m jealous of those undergrads! It sounds like a really neat course and I look forward to the future publication of your book. :)

  2. Can I take your class via the internet? LOL

    I have listened to some lectures on iTunes , pretty fun actually.

    How come I went to school 20 years too late… I would have loved this course.