I’m a comic strip character!

One of the things I’m loving most about blogging is that, like the internet more generally only even more so, it facilitates a lot of unexpected and rewarding connections. It’s like synchronicity on steroids. Here’s a great example:

Some weeks ago I wrote on here about the fabulous rock and roll cartoons of Joel Orff. A few weeks later, I wrote about how the internet led to my friendship with Thirdimension member Slivka and eventually to the redesign of this site.

Last week, Orff found both, and now I’m the narrator of one of his strips!

Comments (7) to “I’m a comic strip character!”

  1. That’s so cool, and you got a trip to Malmö out of it, which is even better. It is amazing how much the simple act of emailing someone and saying how much you enjoy their art or like their work can accomplish, especially in the friendship area.

  2. Hey there! I’ve been paying attention to this site, and I’ve linked it on my new meta-fandom blog! Stop on by sometime. And I agree with Jeremy: it’s wonderful how Internet friendships can work.

  3. Hey, I´m a comic strip character too! :) Joel Orff´s comic strips are great (honestly, I was a huge fan even before I was featured in one of them, promise) One of my faves is the one titled Sonic Youth.

  4. Madeline — Thanks for the tip, but your link doesn’t work. Please repost it so I can check out your site, and thanks for the link luv.

    Jeremy – the friendship is even better than the trip to Malmö, though that was pretty good too.

    Right, Mr. Slivka?

  5. oh, i’d have guessed as much… that’s the great thing.

  6. I’m excited to be learning about how technology continues to shape our lives from someone who is so famous! How cool!

  7. Ha — Class gets canceled on account of bad weather and you overcompensate by flattering your prof in public places! Hi Bev :)  But it’s pretty apt cartoon given our course title, isn’t it? (“Personal Relationships and Communication Technologies” for the rest of you readers).