Hi LJ People!

Yesterday brought a Live Journal flood my way. Hi everyone! There’s lots of meta-fandom activity going on over there, and as someone who’s not on LJ, I know I’ve been missing out. Anyone game for offering a ‘fandom studies on LJ’ primer?

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  1. I’d happily help you find your way around LJ and especially the meta aspects of fandom studies (though I’m mostly knowledgeable exclusively on the media fanfic/fanart/fanvid side of things). If you want to, please send me an email. I’ll happily do the LJ primer (I actually just walked my class through setting up LJs…an entire class full of students with not a single one having any social networking experience and several without Internet access and/or TVs!!!) and the where’s the meta on LJ :-)

  2. Which LJ community linked to you? I’d be interested to see what they have to say about online fandom.

  3. hi!

    this is probably more comprehensive than any primer you could get off the cuff:


    but mostly one can keep tabs on LJ meta solely by reading the posts at the metafandom comm, I find.

  4. Julie, great link thanks! Kristina, thanks to you too — anything you think should be added that’s not linked on that site? Brenna, it was the fabulous Terri Senft who I think got the LJ people streaming over here, but once word got out…

  5. I’ve just created an LJ feed of your blog (which I found through Henry Jenkins’ blog). If anyone else wants to subscribe, the name is OnlineFandom (no space allowed).

  6. Thank you Oracne. Someone else set one up over there a few days ago called nancybaym, but since then I created a feedburner feed (which the new one uses), so if people want to draw on the new one instead, I think might be better. But hey, read me however you wanna read me, I’m not picky!