Getting silly with things too serious to be silly with

And now for something completely [or maybe just a little bit] different:

This is an oldish, but still pretty funny parody of what an internet message board for the Globe Theater might have been like. Samples:

“The worst was King Lear. Cordelia’s death was just another cliche ‘Woman in an Icehouse’ moment from Hacks-peare.”

“The man clearly has issues. I mean, Taming of the Shrew? Women are shrews? I feel sorry for his wife. No, I don’t, she must deserve it if she has so little self-esteem to be with him. Othello is one of the most offensive and racist pieces of filth I’ve ever had the misfortune to see. And Merchant of Venice is just as bad. I’m honestly surprised people still give him work, he so clearly has an anti-diversity agenda.”

“Is he really all that bad? I thought Hamlet was sort of okay.”

“Oh, please, the plot of Hamlet makes no fucking sense. There’s a ghost and incest and an army on the border, yet they have time to fart around with stupid little plays that do NOTHING to advance the story? It’s stupid. And he clearly killed Rozencrantz and Guildenstern because of his anti-fun agenda, as has already been noted.”

And in a slightly similar vein, I was highly entertained to see that Jane Austen fans have gotten in on the LOLcat thang. Keep an eye on the Austen Blog for LOLUpdates:


and don’t miss the LOLcat version of Pride and Prejudice:

Rich man can has girl.

Bngli: i can has dance?
J4N3: k
l12: i can has dance too?
DarC: no u ugly go way
l12: LOLz
Bngli: BRB

MrC0lnz: l12 i can has heart?
l12: no gway
Chrltt: u can has me
MrC0lnz: K BRB

lyd14: o hai

DarC: i can has heart?
l12: no gway u rude

DarC: hai
l12: OMG thought u were AFK!!1!

J4N3: OMG K17y & Wikm BFF
l12: WTF?
lyd14: i can has wikm, k?
Wikm: i can has $$$? LOL
DarC: k

Bngli: hai, back. i can has heart?
J4N3: k lol
DarC: back
l12: thx 4 ur help
DarC: i can has heart?
l12: k lol

Meanwhile, friend of fans everywhere, Henry Jenkins, gets the LOL treatment:


Sadly, we of the fairer sex hardly ever get to be LOLTheoristed. What would Jane say?






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