For the R.E.M. fans among us

A little fandom in the Sunday comics (click for full size):

Pearls before swine

I was cracking up before I even noticed the R.E.M. poster and Stipe portrait in the first frame.

I was bummed that they replaced Foxtrot with all its World of Warcraft/adolescent computing humor with this strip, but this might make it all ok.

Comments (4) to “For the R.E.M. fans among us”

  1. Birthday party cheese cake jelly bean


  2. Beer-helmets are the new black! Want one. Now.

  3. Pearls Before Swine is usually pretty funny if less overtly geeky than Fox Trot.

    When I was in high school or maybe college (I know it was in Atlanta), I was stuck at a redlight and the guy in the car next to me sang along with *every* line of that song. I have to admit that I was mildly impressed.

  4. Impressive indeed — even Michael Stipe needs the lyrics printed out on a music stand!

    He says the song was inspired by a dream he had where he was at a party where everyone’s initials were L.B. but his.