A Peeve: Unsearchable Names

This should be Rule #1 in choosing what to name your band: GOOGLE IT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS!

Unless you are going for the megamystique approach to stardom, or the ‘no matter what happens please God don’t let me become a star’ approach to music making, when people stick your name in the search box, they ought to be able to find you.

This week I’m in love with the first album by a band called Consequences. I wanted to learn more about them. Try googling that band name and see what comes up. Rock bands? I think not. Unless you put “sweden” in there and then there’s hope. If you can weed through all the other consequences of this and that in Sweden. But there’s no hope for finding them on YouTube.

Or how about another intruiging band, Second Class Citizen? Gave up on that one (you know it’s bad when I’m glad for MySpace). Never found any kind of official site for Starlet. I was commiserating about this with a friend who’d spent way too much time trying to track down a band called White Flight.

I know it’s hard to come up with names, but please oh please oh please, if you want to be found, don’t make it so hard! And if you’ve gotta have a name that’s a word or an oft used phrase, give your record a name that’s not. The name of the Consequences’ record? Consequences.


Comments (1) to “A Peeve: Unsearchable Names”

  1. Word! The Consequences is a good name, but definitely not on the www. I was thinking that you could have a word/oft used phrase-name, but hire a kickass web designer to make sure to you get found on google. Tried to come up with an example, but didn´t find any. Also, The The must be the worst bandname, both on the www and in real life.

    As for the case with Second Class Citizen (with only a mySpace-page and no real site), better watch out so you don´t get lost – cause it´s http://www.myspace.com/2econdclasscitizen who´s the great one, and not the one with the correct spelling…